Have you ever found yourself wondering about how to make the most of your web design? As a web design agency providing services for many Christchurch businesses, we are passionate about helping our clients understand the importance of getting their website design on point.

We believe, there is much more to developing a profitable and successful website than just putting up razor thin content and hoping for the best. Instead perfecting every aspect of your website’s design will make sure it will perform at its best. 

Edifian is an award winning Web Design Agency that specialises in UX and UI driven website design services to keep you at the forefront of the competition.

Why Your Website Needs Design Services

Website Design might not seem as a crucial aspect for business owners when you first plan on launching your website or have had a website live for something. However, getting your web design wrong can be a pivotal challenge to overcome and can severely hinder the overall success of your website.

Businesses owners might be tempted to instead focus on just SEO and Digital Marketing. However, a major part of SEO requires that your website be user friendly and not clunky. A vital part of web design should focus on User Experience.

Web design is equally as important as digital marketing, and neither should be used without considering the other – and that is why we put so much emphasis on getting your website’s design right.

Does my Website Need Web Design Services?

The next question that you might have is – does my website need web design services? This will depend on the current standard of your website, of course, but we can say with some confidence that our web design agency can help identify any weaknesses in your current design to help iron them out and perfect your website’s web design once and for all!

Professional Web Design Support for your Website

Is your website not performing quite as well as you had hoped it would? Perhaps you’d like to drive more engagement with your website or reduce your visitors’ bounce rate? Our web design Christchurch based packages can businesses can help you achieve this goal.

Let us help you get your website meeting its full potential thanks to our web design services. We can help you with a vast array of different services. After all, we understand that there is no one answer to web design solutions; every website is unique, and so your design should be too! Don’t compromise; let our team of professional web designers help your Christchurch based business excel today!

Our Web Design Christchurch Services

As a New Zealand based agency ourselves, we are proud to be able to offer our clients in Christchurch with the highest standard of web design support for their websites. We offer a few different services as part of our web design plans; we can help you focus on the area you need to perfect so that your website is able to show itself in the best light possible.


Branding is absolutely essential for any business, as having your own established brand will help you to stand apart from your competitors. A good brand can help you to attract your target audience and portray your morals, ethics, and goals – all in a single, simple brand which does the speaking for you! 

This is true both on a small, local stage and a larger, global market; having a brand is key. However, coming up with a brand can be difficult and promoting that brand is an even greater challenge; that is why our team are here to help you with every aspect of your brand development strategy!

UI Design

Getting the user interface right for your website is important, and this is one of the services we can offer as part of our web design support. We have a team of professional UI designers on hand to help your website improve its design and user-friendliness – which in turn will allow you to improve your overall customer interaction and engagement, too!

UX Design

You’ve likely heard of UI before, but UX – user experience – is something that many web designers are not aware of. However, it is just as important as the user interface. Our Design Agency produces websites with the highest standard of UX design for their websites!

UX design involves working on the website to ensure that the content your visitors need is readily available. After all, you can have the best content in the world – but if your visitors can’t find it on your website, it’s not going to do much good for anyone!

Getting the UX design right is vital, and we can help you perfect yours!

Content Creation and Strategy

Content creation might seem easy, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Indeed, the best content needs to be carefully tailored to work with your website’s branding, UI, and UX in such a way as to promote the website as a whole!

That is where we come in. We can help you get the right content out there for your customers, on the right channels and in the right format, so that it can do good for your website! Get your content out there today; help your target market find your brand and all you can offer them!

Why Choose Our Website Design Company?

As a New Zealand website design agency, we are the team you need to help support your website with its content, design, and branding. Our professional team are on hand to help you make your website perform at its best.

We work in close collaboration with many of the biggest names in the web design industry, including Facebook, Google, HubSpot, Microsoft, WordPress, Shopify, and more. As such, you can be confident that we have the skills and resources to help your website shine – no matter what platform your site is hosted on. 

You get web design Christchurch based packages suitable for your budget and with a strong focus on ROI.

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