Edifian is a leading SEO Agency based in Auckland, New Zealand. Our team of Search Engine Optimisation specialists help you rank on the first page of Google.

What SEO can do for you?

Even the biggest SEO agencies will focus on rankings of irrelevant keywords which don’t help your revenue or ROI. Ranking on keywords that actually convert into real revenue or engagement is the key as the primary goal of SEO is to compliment your business goals and bring awareness to your product and services.

Why You Need SEO

Aside from bringing in engagement and revenue for your business, SEO is also needed to ensure you are ahead of the competition. Irrespective of your industry, there is always going to be competition to rank on top of the search results. More than 90% visitors don’t go past page 1 of Google, so it is essential to have strong organic rankings to ensure maximum exposure for your business.

How We Can Help

SEO can be difficult to understand due to the complexity around it. Google constantly changes its algorithm which means relying on one method to rank on the page one doesn’t quite work. We don’t rely on a singular method to rank your website and so, this ensures a solid organic reach and strengthens your ranking on Google.

Our Process

Our process consists of creating a perfect SEO strategy to increase profitability of ranking on key phrases for your business and closing the gap with your competition.

01 We first audit your website and your competitors organic reach to create a plan of action.

02 We then expose your competitors weakness to reduce the gap and identify the techniques they are using to identify their profitability.

03 We then execute our strategy to get you the results and build a revenue pipeline which leads to long term growth of your website and business.

04 We consistently analyse the results through our intuitive reporting to track the progress of your campaign.

05 Based on our findings, we tweak our strategy to quickly adapt to the constant changes to the Google algorithm and your competitors strategies to keep you on top of your competition with a solid organic reach.

Our Services

We are a full service SEO Agency Auckland based. Our services include onpage SEO, design, development, conversion rate optimisation, copywriting, back-linking and website optimisation.

Importance of SEO to Your Customers

Customers are slowly moving towards online shopping and overall digital engagement for products and services. As a result, more than 90% of customers research products online before making a purchase. Ranking on the first page of Google has become a crucial aspect for any business selling products or offering services to bring in revenue and brand awareness.

Choosing the Right SEO Agency

With so many SEO agencies, it can be difficult to choose the agency that is the right fit for you. We offer comprehensive SEO services to help you understand the importance of SEO for your business and establish key performance indicators to ensure success in your business goals. Unlike other SEO agencies, we don’t just rank on non essential keywords to call our campaign a success. We instead see SEO as a vital part of your business and design strategies that bring in revenue from organic search.

We have a transparent approach wherein we discuss every aspect of our SEO implementation strategy to help you understand how it helps your business.

SEO Audit Report

An SEO Audit Report is the first step to identifying issues with your website and your organic reach. This gives you an insight into where your business stands against your competitors and helps us create a strategy around it. Sign up for an SEO Audit with us and grow your business exponentially with us!

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